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Jose Ruiz

Jose Ruiz

Dr. Jose Ruiz is a Product Manager at AdaCore with 25 years of experience in embedded safety-critical real-time systems, having authored/coauthored over 40 papers in that area. He received his Ph.D. degree for his work in the field of real-time and multimedia systems, including scheduling policies and resource management in real-time operating systems.

He is an expert in certification of high-integrity system in aeronautics, space and railway domains, and he has been involved in the certification/qualification of run-time libraries and automatic code generators from modeling languages.

Throughout his career he has worked on the definition of language profiles for embedded systems, and the design and implementation of the run-time support required for executing on bare-metal targets.

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Bare-metal C++ development environment for certifiable safety-critical applications

We are happy to announce the availability of GNAT Pro for C++, a versatile development environment for bare-metal targets capable of supporting different subsets of the C++ language. It constitutes the best choice for safety-critical bare-metal systems that want to reduce complexity, memory footprint and execution-time overhead, paving the way to software certification. GNAT Pro for C++ targets popular hardware in the avionics, defense, railway, and space domains: PowerPC (32 bits), x86 (64 bits), RISC-V (32/64 bits), LEON3 (32 bits) and ARM (32/64 bits).

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