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Olivier Ramonat

Olivier Ramonat

Olivier Ramonat has a Telecommunications engineering degree from ENST Bretagne, which he received in 2003. His first job was at Electricité De France where he worked in a R&D team. He joined AdaCore in 2008. After being involved in quality assurance and production infrastructure, he is now IT Director.

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AdaCore Releases GNAT Pro 7.3, QGen 1.0 and GNATdashboard 1.0

February saw the annual customer release of a number of important products. This is no mean task when you consider the fact that GNAT Pro is available on over 50 platforms and supports over 150 runtime profiles (ranging from Full Ada Support to the very restricted Zero Footprint Profile suitable for safety-critical development). All in all, from the branching of the preview version to the customer release it takes us nearly 4 months to package everything up! Quality is assured through the internally developed AdaCore Factory.

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