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Tristan Gingold

Tristan Gingold

At AdaCore, Tristan Gingold works on the compiler backend, the debugger and the bareboard runtimes. He has ported the GNAT toolset to many new targets, including of course some ARM boards. Tristan Gingold holds an engineering degree from Ecole Nationale des Télécommunications and a DEA in microelectronics from Université Paris VI.

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AdaCore at FOSDEM'15

I was at Bruxelles on January 31st to present the components of GNAT GPL 2015 : SPARK 2014 and GNAT GPL for ARM bare-board. This is not unrelated to a previous blog entry on Tetris in SPARK on ARM Cortex M4, in particular I presented that Tetris demo (I brought some boards with me and despite the simple package, none were broken!). The slides contain technical details on the ravenscar profile (main principles), how to build a program for the stm32f4-discovery board and how to port the runtime. There are also less technical slides such as why we choose the stm32f4 board and photos of some graphical demos. As that could be useful to anyone interested in Ravenscar or in porting the runtime to other boards or other platforms, we've made the slides available here.

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