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Two Projects to Compute Stats on Analysis Results

by Yannick Moy

The project by Daniel King allows you to extract the results from the log file gnatprove.out generated by GNATprove, into an Excel spreadsheet. What's nice is that you can then easily sort units according to the metrics you are following inside your spreadsheet viewer.

The project by Martin Becker allows you to extract the results from the JSON files generated by GNATprove for each unit analyzed, aggregate these results, and output them into either textual or JSON format. What's nice is that you can then integrate the generated JSON with your automated scripts/setup.

I have installed both on my laptop, and used them on examples such as Tokeneer, and I am happy to report that the results are consistent! :-) I don't know yet which one will become more useful with my setup, but both are worth a try.

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About Yannick Moy

Yannick Moy is SPARK Product Manager at AdaCore and co-director of the ProofInUse joint laboratory with Inria. At AdaCore, he works on software source code analyzers CodePeer and SPARK, aiming either at detecting bugs or at verifying safety/security properties. Yannick leads the developments of SPARK, a product he presents in articles, conferences, classes and blogs (in particular Yannick previously worked on source code analyzers for PolySpace (now The MathWorks) and at Université Paris-Sud.