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Martyn is a Technical Account Manager at AdaCore. He first encountered Ada in 1992 while studying for a Bachelors degree in Computing. Until this point the C programming language had dominated his experience of programming and it was a breath of fresh air to meet concepts such as packages, subprograms as procedures and functions and of course the concept of the Ada Task.

His use of Ada continued in his professional career but he also dabbled in C/C++ through his work for an Embedded Software Tools Vendor and as an Independent Consultant resulting in a thorough understanding of the challenges in modern software development.

Martyn holds a Bachelers Degree with Honours in Computing from Oxford Brookes University.

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by Martyn Pike

The latest Mixed Programming with Ada lectures at the AdaCore University

I recently joined AdaCore as a Technical Account Manager with an initial focus on the UK and Scandinavian regions, but for the last 12 months I've been busy working on the AdaCore University. The most recent addition to which is a course on Mixed Language Programming with Ada, and it includes lectures on the integration of Ada with C, C++ and Java. The course covers some advanced topics like mixed language object orientation, techniques for using Ada strong typing to combat known issue with C pointers and the pitfalls that are encountered when mixing native Ada code with Java at runtime. This course clearly demonstrates that Ada has strong support for integration with C, C++ and Java and it proves there are no technical barriers to its adoption in modern mixed language software systems.

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