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Jessie Glockner

Jessie Glockner

Jessie Glockner currently serves as AdaCore's US Marketing Manager. After providing public relations consulting to AdaCore for over 15 years, she now manages marketing, events, and public relations for AdaCore’s US operations. Jessie is also the coordinator for AdaCore's GNAT Academic Program (GAP), which helps over 100 university members in 25 countries share the benefits of the Ada and SPARK programming languages with its students.

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Celebrating Women Engineering Heroes - International Women in Engineering Day 2021

Women make up roughly 38% of the global workforce, yet they constitute only 10–20% of the engineering workforce. In the U.S., numbers suggest that 40% of women who graduate with engineering degrees never enter the profession or eventually leave it. Why? The reasons vary but primarily involve socio-economic constraints on women in general, workplace inequities, and lack of support for work-life balance. Sadly, history itself has often failed to properly acknowledge the instrumental contributions of women inventors, scientists, and mathematicians who have helped solve some of our world's toughest challenges. How can young women emulate their successes if they don't even know about them?