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Jon Andrew

Jon Andrew

Jon Andrew is a Senior DevOps Engineer at B.E.A.T. LLC. Jon earned his degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona and specialized in software engineering before joining the US Air Force, where as a pilot he flew special operations aircraft and instructed new student pilots. He has since earned his Masters in Cybersecurity through Syracuse University and works on a variety of defense and cybersecurity software engineering projects.

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CuBit: A General-Purpose Operating System in SPARK/Ada

Last year, I started evaluating programming languages for a formally-verified operating system. I've been developing software for a while, but only recently began work in high integrity software development and formal methods. There are several operating system projects, like the SeL4 microkernel and the Muen separation kernel, that make use of formal verification. But I was interested in using a formally-verified language to write a general-purpose OS - an environment for abstracting the underlying hardware while acting as an arbiter for running the normal applications we're used to.