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Verification on Ada code with Static and Dynamic Code Analysis - Webinar

by Jamie Ayre

One of the main challenges to get certification in Ada projects is the achievement of 100% code coverage but in most projects an amount of more than 95% structural coverage is hard to achieve. What can you do with the last 5% of code that can't be covered? DO-178C for example, provides a framework for the integration of various techniques in the development process to solve the problem. In this webinar you learn how static analysis and dynamic testing can help complete analysis for pieces of code that are not covered.

This hour-long webinar takes place Thursday May 7, 2015 at 10:00am UK, 11:00am CET. To register, please click here.

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About Jamie Ayre

Jamie Ayre

Jamie Ayre is Marketing Director of AdaCore. A confirmed practitioner of agile marketing techniques, he strongly believes in the impact social media can have on the corporate ecosystem and, in particular, the way it can reshape a company's relationship with key stakeholders. He is an active participant and animator of various communities that he comes into contact with both through his professional activities and personal interests. Through his work at AdaCore, he is also a strong supporter of Free Software and the positive influence the FLOSS community-driven development model has had on business practices.