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PolyORB now lives on Github

by Thomas Quinot

PolyORB, AdaCore's versatile distribution middleware, now lives on Github. Its new home is

PolyORB is a development toolsuite and a library of runtime components that implements several distribution models, including CORBA and the Ada 95 Distributed Systems Annex. Originally developed as part of academic research at Telecom ParisTech, it became part of the GNAT Pro family in 2003.

Since then, it has been used in a number of industrial applications in a wide variety of domains such as:
 * air traffic flow management
 * enterprise document management
 * scientific data processing in particle physics experiments

AdaCore has always been committed to involving the user community in the development of PolyORB. Over the past 15 years, many contributions from industrial as well as hobbyist users have been integrated, and community releases were previously made available in conjunction with GNAT GPL.

Today we are pleased to further this community engagement and renew our commitment to an open development process by making the PolyORB repository (including full history) available on Github. This will allow users of GNAT GPL to benefit from the latest developments and contribute fixes and improvements.

We look forward to seeing your issues and pull requests on this repository!

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About Thomas Quinot

Thomas Quinot

Thomas Quinot holds an engineering degree from Télécom Paris and a PhD from Université Paris VI. The main contribution of his research work is the definition of a flexible middleware architecture aiming at interoperability across distribution models. He joined AdaCore as a Senior Software Engineer in 2003, and is responsible for the distribution technologies. He also participates in the development, maintainance and support of the GNAT compiler.