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New features for string literals and comments in GNAT Studio

by Andry Ogorodnik Guest Author

We have added several new convenience features that help work with comments and string literals in Ada code.

You can now use Shift-Enter to continue writing a multi-line comment, without having to type '-- ':
The same combination can be used to continue the writing of a string literal on the following line:
Sometimes, you may need to insert a string variable inside a string literal. You can use the Shift-Space shortcut to split the string literal at the cursor position, and simply type the variable name:
If you have copied the variable name into the clipboard, you can use the Shift-Control-V key shortcut to insert this name into the string literal at the cursor position - the splitting and quoting of the string literal is automated for you:
These new features will be available in GNAT Studio 23.0. We hope that these will help save time in your day-to-day work.

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