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It's time to Make with Ada!

by Emma Adby

The challenge

Are you ready to develop a project to the highest levels of safety, security and reliability? If so, Make with Ada is the challenge for you! We’re calling on embedded developers across the globe to build cool embedded applications using the Ada and SPARK programming languages and are offering over $8000 in total prizes. In addition, eligible students will compete for a reward of an Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle worth $299.99!

For this competition, we chose not to set a project theme because we want you to be able to demonstrate your inventiveness and to work on a project that motivates you. We’re inviting you to contribute to the world of safe, secure and reliable software by using Ada/SPARK to build something that matters. Learn how to program in Ada and SPARK here –

It's time to Make with Ada. Find out more on

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About Emma Adby

Emma Adby is the Marketing Operations Manager at AdaCore. Emma works globally on all operational tasks within the marketing department from organising events right through to public relations and design work. She enjoys helping people build software that matters through marketing communications and promotes safe and secure software development. Emma graduated from Sheffield Hallam University, UK before moving to Paris and joining AdaCore.