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Introducing the Make With Ada competition!

by Emma Adby

If you’ve been looking for a way to start your next embedded project in Ada or SPARK. Then, look no further than the Make with Ada competition!

The embedded software competition is based on the Ada and SPARK languages and the criteria of: software dependability, openness, collaborativeness, and inventiveness.

Until the 30th of September individuals and teams of all abilities are challenged to create a new Ada language based project and log their progress along the way.

Whether you want to explore a different programming approach or demonstrate expertise with the community, we encourage you to register for the first Make with Ada competition.

Why not take some Make with Ada project inspiration from the the latest Ada ARM Cortex-M/R Drivers now available on our GitHub page? Or check out the recent blogs about the candy dispenser, pen plotter and smartwatch hacks from our Paris HQ.

Simply register to take the challenge and start new projects with Ada today! You'll also be in with a chance of winning a share of the prize fund, which totals in excess of 8000 Euros!

For the latest competition updates on Twitter follow @adaprogrammers and use the hashtag #MakewithAda to share your ideas!

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About Emma Adby

Emma Adby

Emma Adby is the Managing Director of AdaCore Ltd. After co-leading the global marketing team for a number of years, she now manages marketing, financial, legal and HR business operations for AdaCore’s new UK technical centre-of-excellence. Emma also works to advocate for increased adoption and wider use of the Ada and SPARK languages globally by coordinating community centric activities and resources.