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HIS Conference 2015, Bristol

by Emma Adby

We are excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at the 2nd annual High Integrity Software conference, taking place on 5th November 2015 at The Royal Marriott Hotel in Bristol.

The full agenda features technical sessions on: software safety, tools & architectures, and threats & security, from a variety of speakers: @TomChothia @afd_icl @GlasgowCS @RollsRoyce @Altran.

Also, there will be three keynote speakers, talking about different areas of High Integrity Software.

Prof. Ian Phillips, Principal Staff Engineer at @ARMEmbedded, will talk about the role of software in overall system integrity.

Prof. Phil Koopman, of @CMU, will present a study of the Unintended Acceleration (UA) of Toyota vehicles and related software safety issues based on his role as an expert witness.

Prof. Mark Little, @nmcl Vice President of @redhatsoftware and CTO of @JBoss, will talk about the success of open source software #OSS in mission-critical environments and its future role in innovative areas including the Internet of Things #IoT.

We'd love to meet you at #HISConf2015. For more information and how to register, please click here.

Sponsors and Exhibitors:

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Emma Adby

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