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Join us at the High Integrity Software (HIS) Conference 2022!

by Paul Butcher

After two years of virtual events, we are very happy to report that the High Integrity Software Conference (HIS) will be making a physical comeback on Tuesday 11th October 2022 at the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, Bristol, UK. Since 2014, AdaCore has been co-organising the event with Capgemini Engineering (previously known as Altran Technologies, SA). The success and growth of the conference have ensured it remains a regular fixture for returning delegates, and the exciting lineup for this year's event will ensure HIS 2022 is no exception!

The core themes of the conference this year are software techniques and methods that impact modern-day national infrastructure programs; moreover, large-scale projects that need to remain operational for the long term, often over several decades. The aim is to understand how early decisions around cyber-physical system architectures and adopting effective software development lifecycles and verification techniques will later impact defect rates and maintainability. Since the challenge for such large-scale and long-term systems is multi-faceted, the conference will also consider broader issues within the software development ecosystem, such as sustainable supply chains and talent streams.

There will be a keynote by Jan Bosch, Professor of Software Engineering, Chalmers University Technology, multiple programme tracks throughout the day, networking opportunities, as well as an exhibition.

This year we are particularly excited that our partner, Ferrous Systems’ CEO Florian Gilcher, will speak about Rust and the coming age of high-integrity languages. During his talk, Florian will argue that the successful adoption of Rust across multiple industries is partly due to a resurging interest in software development techniques where safety-critical practices are being applied to non-safety-related, mission-critical environments. Florian will also talk about upcoming changes and opportunities not only for Rust but also for other languages, like Ada.

We are also looking forward to welcoming Professor John Goodacre to HIS and learning more about Digital Security by Design, an initiative supported by the UK government to transform digital technology and create a more resilient, and secure foundation for a safer future.

About HIS

The HIS mission is to share challenges, best practices, and experiences between software engineering practitioners. The conference features talks from industrial and academic specialists which disseminate experience and knowledge of essential techniques and methods that are applicable across industry sectors.

We'd love to meet you at the show! For the full agenda and to register visit:

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About Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher

Paul is the UK Programme Manager for AdaCore and the Lead Engineer for GNATfuzz and has over 25 years of experience in embedded safety-critical real-time systems. Before joining AdaCore, Paul was a consultant engineer for ten years, working for UK aerospace companies such as Leonardo Helicopters, BAE Systems, Thales UK, and QinetiQ. Before becoming a consultant, Paul worked on the Typhoon platform and safety-critical software developments in the rail sector for BAE Systems and military UAVs for Thales UK. Paul graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Computing and a Higher National Diploma in Software Engineering.