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GNATcoverage moves to GitHub

by Pierre-Marie de Rodat

Following the current trend, the GNATcoverage project moves to GitHub! Our new address is:

GNATcoverage is a tool we developed to analyze and report program coverage. It supports the Ada and C programming languages, several native and embedded platforms, as well as various coverage criteria, from object code level instruction and branch coverage up to source level decision or MC/DC coverage, qualified for use in avionics certification contexts. For source-level analysis, GNATcoverage works hand-in-hand with the GNAT Pro compilers.

Originally developed as part of the Couverture research project, GNATcoverage became a supported product for a first set of targets in the 2009/2010 timeframe.

Since the beginning of the project, the development happened on the OpenDO forge. This has served us well, but we are now in the process of moving all our projects to GitHub. What does this change for you?

  • We will now use GitHub issues and pull requests for discussions that previously happened on mailing lists. We hope these places will be more visible and community-friendly.

In the near future, we’ll close the project on the OpenDO forge. We are keen to see you on GitHub!

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Pierre-Marie de Rodat

Pierre-Marie joined AdaCore in 2013, after he got an engineering degree at EPITA (IT engineering school in Paris). He mainly works on GNATcoverage, GCC, GDB and Libadalang.