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From Desert Dunes to Humanitarian Aid: Inside the Epic Journey of the 4L Trophy Rally

by Thomas Couderc

Back in February 2023, my friend David and I embarked on an exciting journey for a worthy cause. We finally got our old Renault 4l fully restored by ourselves and heard the engine revving for the first time one week before the departure. It sounded like a roaring lion. Tent packed, a backpack and a couple of tools. It smelled like gasoline and motor oil in the car, which made us even more excited. We were finally ready for the 6,000 km drive from Paris to the Moroccan desert, with thousands of kilometers of blazing sand waiting for us.

The 4L Trophy is an annual event that takes place in the Moroccan desert, where thousands of other participants bring their customized and repaired Renault 4L. Our mission ? Delivering furniture to help children in need. And together, we delivered more than 80 tons of school and sports furniture.

The challenge is not just a nice trip, but an adventure that tests participants' physical and mental limits. Characterized by a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, participants help others with mechanical problems, orientation, and accommodations.

In the desert, there is no GPS signal. Just dune landform all the way to the horizon. The race is an orientation course that requires participants to rely on a compass and an old map. It brought back fond memories of my childhood vacations, where we navigated using maps. This is not a speed course. The fewer kilometers between each checkpoint, the better our ranking was. With a tracker on each car, every meter counts in the standings, and in the middle of nowhere, it is very easy to get lost for several kilometers.

The 4L Trophy is a challenging adventure that requires teamwork and support in a yearly humanitarian rally context. My friend and I were grateful to have had AdaCore's support, they played a significant role in our adventure. They were enthusiastic about supporting the cause and provided us with invaluable assistance. With their help, my friend and I successfully completed the race and were happy to be one of the finishers. We hope that our adventure will inspire others to take on challenges like this, the kind of adventure that creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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