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Romain Berrendonner

Romain Berrendonner

Romain Berrendonner is AdaCore’s General Counsel and lead of Human Development, Procurement and Work Environment. He joined AdaCore in 2002, after two years at SAGEM Defense and Security Division. Throughout his time with AdaCore, he has been holding a number of engineering and legal positions, covering many aspects of Free Software.

Romain holds an engineering degree for Telecom ParisTech, a Laurea in ingegneria of the Turin Politecnico, and a Maîtrise in business law from University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.

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by Romain Berrendonner

French Intelligence Bill: A Minority Report

Following the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris earlier this year, the French government is proposing a bill that will, supposedly, improve the control over intelligence services and give legal ground to some of the intelligence-gathering methods these services are already known to use, ie. render legal, the previously illegal, Internet wiretapping. Interestingly, opponents of the this time bill include not only the usual civil liberty activists such as La Quadrature du Net, Amnesty International or La ligue des droits de l’Homme. Professional trade unions, such as Syntec, companies, such as OVH and even official bodies, such as the CNIL and the Défenseur des droits also expressed an unusually vocal opposition to the proposed bill.

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