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Welcoming New Members to the GNAT Pro Family

by Jamie Ayre

As we see the importance of software grow in applications, the quality of that software has become more and more important. Even outside the mission- and safety-critical arena customers are no longer accepting software failures (the famous blue screens of death, and there are many...). Ada has a very strong answer here and we are seeing more and more interest in using the language from a range of industries. It is for this reason that we have completed our product line by including an entry-level offer for C/C++ developers wanting to switch to Ada and reinforced our existing offer with GNAT Pro Assurance for programmers building the most robust software platforms with life cycles spanning decades.

This recent press release explains the positioning of the GNAT Pro family. Details of the full product range can be found here.

We’d love to chat more with you about these new products and how Ada can keep you ahead of your competitors. Drop us an email to

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About Jamie Ayre

Jamie Ayre

Jamie Ayre is Marketing Director of AdaCore. A confirmed practitioner of agile marketing techniques, he strongly believes in the impact social media can have on the corporate ecosystem and, in particular, the way it can reshape a company's relationship with key stakeholders. He is an active participant and animator of various communities that he comes into contact with both through his professional activities and personal interests. Through his work at AdaCore, he is also a strong supporter of Free Software and the positive influence the FLOSS community-driven development model has had on business practices.