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Jerome Guitton is a senior software engineer at AdaCore. After graduating from the french High School Telecom ParisTech, he joined AdaCore in 2002. Mostly involved in debugging and cross technologies, he also worked on various part of the technology: SPARK, GNAT coverage, certification.

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by Jerome Guitton, Jérôme Lambourg, Joel Brobecker

Simics helps run 60 000 GNAT Pro tests in 24 hours

A key aspect of AdaCore’s GNAT Pro offering is the quality of the product we’re delivering and our proactive approach to resolving issues when they appear. To do so, we need both intensive testing before delivering anything to our customers and to produce “wavefront” versions every day for each product we offer. Doing so each and every day is a real challenge, considering the number of supported configurations, the number of tests to run, and the limit of a 24-hour timeframe. At AdaCore, we rely heavily on virtualization as part of our testing strategy. In this article, we will describe the extent of our GNAT Pro testing on VxWorks, and how Simics helped us meet these challenges.

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